A humble reviewer’s thoughts on films

I’ve been thinking of creating this blog for a while, but I hesitated. My main concerns were that I wouldn’t have time to update it regularly and that nobody would read it. Well, maybe I don’t need to update it regularly after all and maybe it doesn’t matter if not many people care about it. I’ve been writing reviews on imdb.com and no one seemed to notice, so I though I might as well create my own site, express my thoughts and share it with people. You never know, they might find it interesting and if they don’t, it’s not such a big deal. I believe that a writer’s (or blogger’s) main purpose is to express himself, rather than pleasing others.

We’re only six days into 2017 and the beginning of a year seems to me the perfect timing to start something new. This is my first post and it feels great! I’ll be posting my reviews, top 10 lists and other thoughts concerning cinema here hoping that one day I will be able to reach people who share the same enthusiasm about films as me.